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Oct 28, 2007
National Machinery has opened its new Chinese sister company and its largest facility in Suzhou with a 2-day open house.

By National Machinery

Over 300 guests attended the red-ribbon cutting ceremony of National Machinery’s new Chinese sister company and its facility in Suzhou . This celebration of the founding of NM Group Technologies (Suzhou), was part of a 2-day open house held late last month for the official opening of the company’s 4,000 square meter plant in the Suzhou New District. Visitors from Japan, India, Singapore, and Taiwan journeyed to the event, as well as Chinese company representatives from several provinces, braving near torrential rain in the morning on a very inclement day for travel.

National Machinery CEO and owner Andrew H. Kalnow stated, “We are very proud to be the first and only Western company in the business of cold forming machinery to establish a manufacturing and service facility in China. We are committed to helping Chinese fastener companies jump forward in their technology and production capabilities in what perhaps is the most rapid and greatest industrial revolution in history.”

Dignitaries on hand included Mr. Jinyao Feng, Chairman of the China Fasteners Industry Association, and also Ms. Eileen Want, Vice Chairman of the Suzhou New District development zone. Mr. Feng, who is also General Manager of Shanghai Shangbiao Automobile Fastener Co. Ltd., praised National Machinery for its technical leadership and commitment to serve customers located in China.

In his speech,. Kalnow explained, “Today’s global marketplace demands quality, not just value. This is particularly true in today’s automotive industry. Quality and safety go hand-in-hand with style, function, and price.” Citing National Machinery’s history of design innovation, he noted that the company’s leading machine line, called FORMAX®, is used around the world by top suppliers of automotive quality precision fasteners and cold formed parts.

The new facility in Suzhou is operated by NM Group Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of NM Group Global LLC, which is also the parent company for National Machinery LLC and Cleaning Technologies Group. Inc. (CTG). The Suzhou Facility is designed to serve as a platform for the various group companies and affiliates of NM Group Global. Later this year, the Blackstone-Ney division of CTG will be manufacture in Suzhou of components for its ultrasonic cleaning units which are used in the electronics, semiconductor, and medical industries. The Ransohoff division of CTG, which manufactures industrial use parts cleaning equipment, also plans to set up in Suzhou.

However, at this time the Suzhou facility is primarily dedicated to being a key sales and service center for the China and Asian market for National Machinery. NM Group Technologies will maintain a permanent demonstration of the world’s leading technology in cold forming with its high precision FORMAX® line of multi-die cold headers. In addition to sales demonstrations, NM Group Technologies will provide training, repair parts, and service from this facility. This commitment to local and regional service and support follows National’s philosophy of global customer service, as the larger capabilities of the Suzhou facility will supplement existing local service centers in Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan.

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