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Aug 24, 2010
National Machinery's rebuild services are equipped with resources, such as state of the art inspection equipment, that make its rebuilds outperform the competition.

3-Inspection-toolsUnscheduled machine downtime wastes time and money. When downtime becomes a reoccurring problem, a machine rebuild could be the best solution. An important thing to keep in mind when selecting a rebuilder is what qualifications they posses that guarantee you will get the best possible rebuild for your money. Lower quality rebuilds may be less of an investment and get you back up and running initially, but in the long run may end up costing you more in additional time, replacement parts and service work.

National Machinery’s rebuild services are equipped with resources that make our rebuilds outperform the competition. For instance, we feel that the inspection phase is the most critical in ensuring a quality rebuild. Therefore each drive train component is tested with our state of the art inspection equipment: A Die-penetrant test for cracks, Multi-wave ultrasonic inspection to identify crack or flaws, and a Hardness test to verify for correct metallurgy and heat treat. Thermographic imaging is also used during the run-in process to verify sufficient lubrication and clearances have been achieved at specific locations.

The intellectual property we have maintained is also one of our unique assets: ThermalImagescan1

  1. Original blueprints and design specifications for each machine serial number.
  2. Jigs, fixtures, and check sheets specific to each machine model/vintage.
  3. A full set of documentation issued to the shop floor and used throughout each rebuild project.

When considering all of our unique capabilities, with our machining, large tonnage crane facility, and direct railway access we assure you will receive the best possible rebuild for your investment. www.nationalmachinery.com

Fastener Technology International / August 2010