National Machinery LLC: 136 Years of Cold Forming History - China Fastener World

Oct 24, 2010
National Machinery LLC's long history of design, development, and manufacturing of cold forming machines has led to its establishment as a world leader in the metal forming industry.


National Machinery LLC headquartered in Tiffin, Ohio, USA has a long history of design, development, and manufacture of cold forming machines that produce metal parts.

National has established its position as a world leader in the metal forming industry, through their continuing research and development, advanced manufacturing capabilities and worldwide network of sales and service locations. There are numerous international sales offices and service locations conveniently located throughout Asia, Europe, and the America to better serve each geographical area. The four world-wide service centers NM Puma-FXGroup Technologies (NMGT) in Suzhou, China, National Machinery Asia (NMA) in Nagoya, Japan, National Machinery Europe (NME) in Nuremburg, Germany, and the headquarters in the United States are all equipped with the advanced equipment and skilled staff necessary to provide National’s high standard in quality design, machine performance, and service.

The latest forming technology developed by National Machinery is the PumaFX® cold forming machine line. The PumaFX machines are built at the modern NMGT facility in Suzhou, China. NMGT utilizes a 4,360 sq/m facility and the latest technology in machine tools, inspection, assembly, and testing equipment to produce these high quality machines.

Various National Machinery experts in the areas of engineering, machining, and assembly are stationed at NMGT to ensure "National" quality of all products. These machines are designed to appeal to the standard and automotive fastener market, where cost and speed are critical because of the typical longer production runs.

The PumaFX differs from similar competitive machines by having 2X the production speeds, 3X the tooling precision and 4X longer machine lifespan. The result is a global machine that can produce higher quality parts faster than any other cold former on the market that will last much longer than other comparable machines.

The PumaFX machine line out performs its competition because it is founded on the sameCFW-Co-Profile-English-collage production proven technology and components as FORMAX® cold formers. The bed frame is the same quality construction as on the FORMAX. PumaFX also features these FORMAX derivative technologies:

Linear feed - Provides a more consistent cutoff blank volume over a longer period of usage than traditional feed roll type devices. The stream lined design also results in less required maintenance and covers the full diameter range of the machine.

Zero Heading Slide Clearance - Where the heading slide liners are sealed and protected, and therefore they are not exposed to the die area contaminants. The liners are lubricated with pressured oil. This design ensures long term precision heading slide guidance.

In addition, a tapered wing liner provides consistent tracking of the slide and during the “work stroke” it goes into a zero clearance condition in both the horizontal and vertical axis. This feature provides consistent tool-to-die alignment for every stroke of the heading slide which yields very precise concentricity in the headed part and dramatic improvement in tool life.

Straight Across Transfer - provides very precise blank delivery to the die with repeatability. The design also provides large maximum finger opening capability which provides the user the ability to clear large diameter punch cases.

The machine is based on simplicity, so options are minimal, along with feed and kick out have readouts to make the manual adjustments accurate and lifting of the transfer is done with a hydraulic cylinder.

The PumaFX machines are supported by experienced customer support as are all National machines. NMGT provides full aftermarket services including parts, repairs, and on service to keep the machines in operation running efficiently.