Zero-Clearance Heading Slide Guiding

Zero-Clearance Heading Slide Guiding System

The Zero-Clearance Heading Slide is a 2-axis design that utilizes fixed liners that provide ‘Zero Clearance’ during the work stroke of the machine.  Zero Clearance Heading Slide Guidance systems, precisely aligns punches to dies, and part concentricities are held to tolerances once thought impossible.

Sealed Heading Slide Liners

Sealed Heading Slide liners

FORMAX is the only Cold Forming machine designed with heading slide liners that are sealed to prevent foreign materials from damaging the liners and causing excess/pre-mature wear. 

Precision Linear Feed

Precision Linear FeedLinear feeding obsoletes traditional feed roll designs with superior cut off blank accuracy without the need for a stock gauge. The linear feed grips are designed to handle the full range of wire diameters so only one set of grips is needed, unlike traditional feed rolls. Linear feed also delivers more precise blanks while eliminating the problems associated with feed clutches and brakes. 

Pick-Move-Place Transfer

Pick Move Place allows for excellent control of  complex part shapes, and is ideal for head heavy, difficult to transfer parts. The extra wide finger opening capability clears larger punches.