National Machinery Company Profile

National Machinery is a global leader in advanced cold forming machinery, process technology, and customer support products & services. Through our continuing research and development, advanced manufacturing capability and worldwide network of sales and service locations, National Machinery has firmly established its position as the "World Leader in Metal Forming Technology".

Company Goals and Philosophy:

We strive to be a customer-centric, financially successful and stable company focused on long-term growth through market and technical leadership. Our global company will continue to provide a stimulating productive, and rewarding environment that enables our multi-cultural people to prosper and serve the customer.

Quality Policy:

The people of National Machinery LLC strive to deliver the best combination of quality products, high-value processes, and benchmark services to each customer we serve. To accomplish this, we pledge to:

  • Design and build the most reliable and productive products customers can buy.
  • Provide world-class support to our customers to maximize the useful life and productivity of NM equipment.
  • Serve as our customer’s first choice innovator for new machine, production reliability, and metal forming process technologies.
  • Understand the unique capabilities and needs of our customers, suppliers, and fellow employees to best set continuous improvement goals for our quality system.

We measure our success in terms of achieving customer loyalty, winning new customers, and eliminating dissatisfaction at any level.