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Quikcalc ePlus

Tooling Seminar

Check out the program for yourself by signing up for a 15 day free trial. Simply follow the subscription process!

The Quikcalc ePlus program simplifies the customary cold forming calculations. It is a valuable aid for engineers who design cold forming tooling. It saves time and helps take the guesswork out of difficult design analyses. This easy-to-use program performs calculations that are required for forming load, energy, press-fit, volume and conversions. The calculations can be stored, retrieved, edited, emailed, and printed. QUIKCALC ePlus is a web-based program that automates many cold forming engineering calculations. 

No Software... No Installations...
Completely Web-based

Accessible through tablets, laptops, and desktops with an internet connection, that's it. 

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Additional New Features Include:

Load and Energy Calculations for:
▪Square-Up and Enclosed Upset 
▪Hooker Extrusion 
▪Forward and Backward Extrusion 
▪Hex Flange Trim
▪Open Upset
▪Boltmaker Style Trim
▪Combined Forward & Backward Extrusion


2 and 3 Ring Press Fit Calculations for Tool Insert Interface Fits:
▪Data Base of 15 Common Tool Materials
▪Add your own Materials to the Data Base

Volume/Area Calculations for Wide Range of Part Geometrics Utility Functions:
▪Tapered Insert Setdown
▪Die Slide Calculation
▪Cone Dimensions
▪Wire Quantity Calculation

▪ Automatic free upgrades
▪ Multiple languages
▪ Yearly subscription service
▪ Access from multiple devices (one device at a time)
▪ One-click email job results
▪ Online job saving
▪ Unit preferences
▪ Modern easy-to-use design

The new platform comes with the following upgrade: New Load & Energy calculation (Combined Forward & Backward Extrusions on the same end of the Blank), and Round, Hex, & Square shape options have been added to several of the load & energy calculators. 

The program requires an internet connection and is designed to run on most standard operating systems. Older versions of Quikcalc will no longer be updated and may have compatibility issues with newer operating systems.

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