Cold Forming Machinery Roundup - Fastener Technology International

Feb 24, 2010
High-Value Parts - Net Shape Technology & Standard Parts - Efficient & Fast

Jerry Bupp – Vice President of Sales Operations & Marketing

Formax® Plus High value parts - net shape technology
Many parts producers look to tackle the higher value parts. For those applications the FORMAX Plus machines are designed with the latest capabilities and tight tolerances. Tooling advancements such as the High Pressure Lever for segmented inserts, patented Roller forming techniques, and innovative sequence design fit perfectly with this advanced machine capability. FORMAX Plus utilizes zero clearance heading slide guidance with Pick-Move-Place transfer flexibility to make net shape complex parts a reality.

Formax LeanFX Standard parts – efficient and fast
Other part producers choose to make parts considered more standard, and produce them in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Those parts don’t earn the same margin, so the LeanFX is the good cost efficient match. LeanFX is designed by National Machinery headquarters in Tiffin, OH USA, but built by it’s wholly owned National Machinery Group Technologies facility in Suzhou, China. LeanFX has the same high quality FORMAX features and components, such as linear feed, zero clearance heading slide and straight across transfer. The machine is based on simplicity and without quick change, so options are minimal. Feed and kickout adjustments are all manual adjustments, and other features, such as the conveyor, have been simplified into a combined good parts and scrap magnetic conveyor. LeanFX was originally introduced in the LeanFX10M4 model(M10 fastener, medium stroke, 4 dies). Now the LeanFX family has grown to cover a large range of models and die configurations to fit any fastener producer needs.

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