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FORMAX® PLUS for Large Parts

Cold Forming Machine

Product Overview

The FORMAX PLUS Cold Forming Machines for Large Parts are especially effective for forming complex shapes that require superior tolerance control. Proven FORMAX features, like Pick-Move-Place Transfer, and Zero-Clearance Heading Slide Guiding give FORMAX PLUS for Large Parts "net shape" forming capability. These large cold forming machines also bring an entirely new breakthrough in automated machine setup, changeover and monitoring. With push button control one operator can make a complete changeover in just 30 minutes. 


FORMAX Plus Short work models have increased tonnage and with Pick-Move-Place transfer handle those part shapes once thought too difficult to form. With the expanded capacity of our Medium and Long work models, FORMAX PLUS for Large Parts takes on those high load, difficult to transfer and tough to form jobs you've always dreamed about making. With the fast changeover features like automated tool changer, and automatic adjustment of heading wedges, feed length, wire diameter, die kickout and transfer timing, FORMAX PLUS for Large Parts will be a welcome addition to your large part forming capability. 

Robotic Tool Change

The Robotic Tool changer accesses an external setup fixture to make changes automati­cally without requiring a person to enter the die area of the machine.

FORMAX® PLUS for Large Parts: 5-6 Dies, Short, Medium, Long Work Models 

Cutoff Diameter




All dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise noted. Max speed refers to shortest stroke model specification.

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