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Metal Forming
Process Development

National Machinery's dedicated process development technology division Met-MAX Innovations, is a team of Tool Design Engineers, Tool Makers and Development Technicians that focus on the development of state of the art forming processes for our customers, to advancing the science of cold forming and provide them with a long-lasting competitive advantage.  The name “Met-MAX Innovations” stands for Pushing Metal to the Maximum.  Our team is strategically positioned to develop innovative metal forming processes by utilizing not only our expert staff, but also by using a well-equipped facility, and advanced and even one-of-a-kind development equipment.  Quality is of top priority and through our extensive research and development efforts we are able to provide you the customer, a precise net-shape metal forming process, which will provide you with a competitive advantage for years to come.


  • We have a history of 800 patents in 18 countries.

  • We have over 30 technical professionals.

  • Our facilities and equipment are state-of-the art.

  • We are a self-standing division of a global company with many resources.

  • Newly expanded Tool room for tool and die manufacture.



Services Offered

Feasibility Study

Met-MAX’s metal forming process Research and Development capabilities can help you find new or better solutions to your metal forming challenges.  Our experienced group of design engineers can help evaluate the feasibility of producing your part through the use of several software packages.  These packages include Deform, Quikcalc ePlus and SolidWorks used to evaluate metal flow and tooling stresses, forming loads, energy and press fits, as well as layout forming sequences and evaluate transferability of your parts.


The Met-MAX engineering team consists of tool design engineers with a strong background in designing tools for a very large range of products.  Over time our team has produced over 800 patents with additional patents currently pending.  The combination of hands-on industry experience and educated professionals create an unequaled capability that facilitates our ability for significant solutions in parts forming for virtually every industry.  They are armed with the latest CAD software, DEFORM simulation software, a library of tool designs and actual forming sequences from decades of work in the field.  Our designs include everything needed to build a set of tools that will fit one of our many machines.

Tool Manufacture

Our team of Tool and Die makers are experienced in the nuances of machining, assembling and finishing cold forming tooling to extremely tight tolerances. Our team is equipped to respond to any challenge our engineers throw at them using a wide range of equipment, from the latest in EDM and 5-axis pin grinding technology to a variety of manual machines.  Working in a collaborative environment with the design engineers and process development technicians, we develop solutions to cold forming challenges while developing reliable and repeatable manufacturing processes.  Along with supporting our process design and development efforts, in some cases, we engage in the long-term production and supply of “proprietary tooling” for the ongoing benefit of our partners.


Met-MAX’s development service is supported by our Development Technicians and 5 Development machines to handle components made from a wire size of 1mm to 22mm.  With our specialized multi-die machines, we can load the Designed and Manufactured tools into them and develop a process to go on one of our many Formax or MicroFormer machines.  These machines have the capability to run any of our NMLLC developed and patented processes, including High Pressure Lever, Blank Rotator, Punch Clamp Monitoring and Specialized Devices.  One of the major benefits of using our development resources is to free up your machine, operators and engineers for running production instead of developing forming processes.


At the completion of your Development project, we can offer limited production running.  This production running can help with “Hardening of the Tool Design” to look at what modifications may need to be made to increase tool life.  This time period can also be used to build your new machine to run the newly developed process on.  We can also offer training during this period for your Tool Design Engineers, Tool Makers and Operators.  Typical production quantities range from a few hundred thousand to a few million.  Furthermore, having Met-MAX run your temporary production can satisfy your confidentiality requirements, as we can offer additional engineering support as well as in-house tool manufacture.

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