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Product Overview

The Microformer is a cold forming machine for micro-precision forming of high quality, close-tolerance parts for the electronics industry and other high-tech hardware suppliers.


The Microformer is a vertical forming machine which allows for minimal space usage given the machine and optional attached wire reel.   The Microformer utilizes “Formapak” technology.  The Formapak is a one piece tooling assembly that includes the punches, dies, cutter and quill, transfer assembly, kickout rods, stock gage, stripper mechanism and timed punch knockouts.  This Formpak can be setup in the tool room, to allow for quick changeover from one job to the next.   The Microformer is available in 6 dies for forming the most difficult parts and has a standard cutoff diameter of 3mm, along with a maximum speed of 300 parts per minute.


Product Overview

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