Cold forming with a robot

Jul 25, 2016
The XXV takes this concept to another level with the option for it to come equipped with a state-of-the-art robotic tool changer.
“National Machinery’s FORMAX PLUS Model XXV has been engineered to utilize the 
XXV_robotic toolchanger CUproven features of FORMAX including quick-change, high-production speed and efficient net-shape part production. The 25 mm cut-off machine features a Pick-Move- Place transfer (PMP) for difficult-to-transfer parts, expanded die space with the use of bullnose dies/punches and individual tool/die cassette design. Cassettes give the machine more flexibility and allow for special cassettes such as highpressure lever (HPL) for segmented tooling, internal die coolant or slug discharge. The XXV is available in different length ranges with five, six and seven dies. The XXV combines the best features of small FORMAX and large FORMAX, with entirely new technology.
“Examples of this new technology are the Servo motors that control the adjustments on the feed and kickout mechanisms and Ethernet controls, both which yield improved 
efficiency and repeatable adjustments. The Servo-driven mechanism for the Soft Discharge option allows for handling of complex parts without damage after forming.
“The original FORMAX machines pioneered the quick-change concept with a Formapak system that can be removed from the machine and set up externally on a Formapak setup fixture. The XXV takes this concept to another level with the option for it to come equipped with a state-of-the-art robotic tool changer. 
This robot accesses an external setup fixture to make tool/die cassette, IFO camshaft, cutter/quill cassette and transfer slide changes automatically without requiring a person to enter the die area of the machine. “The FORMAX XXV with robotic tool changer utilizes cutting-edge technology to make tool changes faster, safer and more repeatable. While the proven PMP transfer and Zero Clearance Heading Slide easily forms the most difficult parts for your production." 

Fastener Technology International/April 2016