Improved Cold Forming Efficiency with Industry 4.0

May 02, 2018
National Machinery has developed technology to make their cold forming machines Industry 4.0 compatible.

Industry 4.0 focuses on making manufacturing processes more efficient by ways of advanced manufacturing materials and processes, smart manufacturing systems, a digitally connected factory, and sustainability, with ultimate goals of reducing costs and increasing quality. Simply stated, it means collecting production data automatically and seamlessly transferring specific data to the right location.Industry 4.0

National Machinery’s Industry 4.0 technology systems are capable of collecting, storing, analyzing, and presenting data relevant to our machine’s performance. The system can collect Economic data – Machine production monitoring and Process data – Machine condition and part forming monitoring. Data then becomes available through a multitude of digital channels including email, MES systems, ERP systems and internal company networks.  Machine data can then be accessed by various company personnel and further analyzed in an effort to improve production and reduce costs. Examples of practical applications of Industry 4.0 include the ability to analyze down times and initiate corrective measures along with comparing performance data to analyze job efficiency. Other additional benefits of the Industry 4.0 system include real time monitoring and alarm notifications.

While the most robust Industry 4.0 packages are available for new machines, there is also an Industry 4.0 system designed for existing machines. This Industry 4.0 upgrade package collects more limited data but is a step in the right direction into becoming a smart factory of the future.