WIRE 2014 Recap

May 09, 2014
National Machinery demonstrated its global leadership in advanced cold forming machinery, process technology, and customer support services at WIRE 2014.

May 2014  - Tiffin, OH USA

“At WIRE 2014, National Machinery LLC was able demonstrate its global leadership in advanced cold forming machinery, process technology and customer support services.  The personnel at the booth supported a wide range of technical knowledge and had the capability to speaking more than 10 different lanugages for easy and complete communication with people from all over the world.  The highlight of the booth was National introducing a brand new machine model, FORMAX® XXV.  This new model includes the best technology from small FORMAX®  and large FORMAX®   -  but is also combined with several all new features.  Customers saw a special viewing of this machine technology inside a XXV replica enclosure, with a combination of live video and animations.  As the machine has a 25mm cutoff(which is where the new name came from with the Roman numerals XXV) it was too large to bring to the show, but the impressive video presentation displayed images of the machine and allowed viewers to easily comprehend the new features and technology.

The booth also included demonstrations of National partner products – the Mectron Q5000 laser inspection sytem and eddy current, Drawing Technology Inc(DTI) wire drawing, and CONDAT dual-purpose oil lubricants.  This “one-stop shopping” with National’s various partner products allows for the best value and integrated systems for forming requirements.  Customer support services of rebuilds, upgrades, and spare parts was also on display.  The Met-MAX Innovations group was able to explain the latest application efforts and ways to form parts to net-shape tight tolerances.    This ability to design, manufacture and develop tooling is a key componet in helping customers get the most efficient production from their FORMAX®.  Finally, FORMAX®  was also shown in different warm forming configuration options depending on the temperature of heat required and the special induction needs of the customer.  FORMAX®  Warm-forming has been a popular machine model for aerospace and other specialty material forming companies.

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