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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

High efficiency gained by operating FORMAX®

One of our customers in Japan recently created a state-of-the art, hi-tech factory for its growing fleet of FORMAX® machines that is separate from its other cold forming operations. This was done because of the high efficiency gained by operating FORMAX in a focused factory environment. Our FORMAX machines, which in this case are both LeanFX and FX-Plus models, are used for high-volume production of small, difficult-to-handle parts that are used in the automotive sector.

The president of our Japanese customer proudly boasted that he only needs 3 operators on a shift to run 12 FORMAX machines (generally on a 24 hour x 5 day basis)and they achieve changeover times averaging 30 minutes. In the photo above, is a row of LeanFX machines with FX-Plus machines in the back and off camera to the right. Our customer has left plenty of room for more FORMAX in the sparkling facility. In fact, we were told on this visit that they plan on another machine soon.


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