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Worldwide SMART Machinery Customer Support

In early 2016, National Machinery became SMART Machinery’s global master agent for sales and service, as part of their purchase of the Tortona, Italy based company.

National Machinery’s comprehensive worldwide customer support capabilities are now extended to cover SMART Machinery equipment, benefiting customers across the globe. National Machinery’s customer support staff worldwide continues to train extensively on SMART Machinery equipment and technology and are able to assist customers with part orders, mechanical service, electrical service, and machine software trouble-shooting, along with any other support issue a customer may encounter. National Machinery headquarters in Tiffin, Ohio USA and service centers NME National Machinery Europe in Nürnberg, Germany and NMGT National Machinery China, in Suzhou, China are staffed with qualified service technicians ready to perform SMART related service visits. National Machinery locations in Europe and in the United States are also building up a supply of SMART Machinery spare parts to keep in stock, improving lead times worldwide, but especially in the United States.

Customer support coverage extends to all of SMART Machinery’s secondary operation equipment product lines. SMART offers cutting edge thread rolling technology that can be found on their NG and NG MAXI Flat Die threader lines, as well as on their RNG Planetary thread rolling machines. Each model has its own unique set of capabilities, but all come with patented Direct Drive servo control motors and Linear motor driven Introduction system. These patented technologies are also found on their NP Pointing machine line and Evolution washer assembly units. SMART pointers offer more than just shaving points, these multifunctional machines can also make chamfers, throats, and perform axial drilling. SMART Evolution washer assembly units can assemble one or two different washers on a blank before threading.

To receive customer support for SMART Machinery Equipment users simply need to contact their regional National customer support representative. SMART Machinery headquarters in Italy will also continue to provide customer support and can be contacted directly for those local customers. For more information or to find an office near you visit or


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